Full-On Filters

Manufacturers of Custom Filtration Products


FULL-ON FILTERS is a custom OEM  manufacturer of industrial  AIR, GAS, AND LIQUID filtration products.

FULL-ON FILTERS focuses on the manufacture of air intake and exhaust housings and elements for AIR, GAS, AND LIQUID used on turbines, vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors. We specialize in manufacturing pleated and cylindrical roll formed-stainless steals, microglass, celulose, polyesters/blends for mist eliminators, coalessors, intake/inline AIR, GAS, AND LIQUID elements.

As a manufacturer, FULL-ON FILTERS offers in house, custom pleating, tooling and molding capabilities. We are able to fabricate new designs, sizes, and configurations used in exclusive applications. At FULL-ON FILTERS, "WE MAKE THEM ALL!"

FULL-ON FILTERS offers various programs designed to assist our customers in areas of inventory management and consolidation, just-in-time shipping programs, dedicated stocking of products which are essential to the smooth operation of your organization, filtration education programs, consolidated billing cycles and many other cost saving programs.

As a distributor, FULL-ON FILTERS carries numerous brand names of filters for oil, fuel, water & air applications. This coupled with our manufacturing capabilities, allows our company to supply virtually any product you may need within your manufacturing operation.

FULL-ON FILTERS brings over a 100 years of expertise in the filtration industry to help you bring cost-effective solutions for your applications. We are sure that we can supply your comapany with the service and competitive pricing that you deserve. We welcome the opportunity to submit a quotation on your specific filtration requirements. Thanks for considering FULL-ON FILTERS as a source of supply.