Full-On Filters

Manufacturers of Custom Filtration Products

FIBER GLASS: Filter Elements, Housings, Tanks, Bodies, Enclosers, & Molded Frames

TUBES/CYLINDERS: Diameters; ID down to 0.12"-OD up to 48"-Lengths up to 96",any size wall thickness & any fabric type

7x layered carbon/glass- fiber turbine intake screens with stainless steel mesh imbedded into molded, hollow, or solid frames to military specs with colors available in green, black, & olive

Extruded/Pultruded hand layup/wet laid glass fibers/carbon fibers Nomex/Kevlar various meshes and weaves and "sizers" available 

Epoxyies, Polyesters, Phenolics/PVC and Urethanes single and two part mixing, thermal, UV light or catalysts cured

Flares Fenders/Spoilers full body kits-custom surf boards with custom colored pigments